Top Benefits Of Using Pro Tray Nursery For Home Gardening

Top Benefits Of Using Pro Tray Nursery For Home Gardening

When you’re a home gardener, having the right tools on hand can make all the difference in your garden’s success. The pro tray nursery is an extremely versatile addition to any home gardener’s arsenal of gardening tools, and knowing how to use it properly will get you off to the best start possible when it comes to growing your own vegetables and fruits at home. These can provide many benefits for your home gardening, including preventing cross-contamination, growing vegetables and herbs in your own home, giving you more fresh food, and reducing the amount of food that you need to purchase from the store. Read on this blog post by Small Box Garden to learn more about this amazing gardening accessory!

Getting started with Pro Tray Nursery

Pro trays nursery are light weight plastic trays with multiple small holes (or says cups), designed to hold multiple seeds, starting from the germination stage, until the seedlings are ready for transplantation.  To use it, all you need to do is simply fill the tray’s cups with seed starting mix and then plant seeds in it. After planting the seeds, add water, and place the pro tray in a warm, well-lit place to await growth. Using such a tray ensures better nutrient availability for each seed, eliminates the need for multiple plantings and also helps keep the seeds contained.


There are many benefits of using a Pro tray nursery over other options, such as planting in larger containers. It makes sowing, handling, and planting seeds extremely easy, and makes transplanting simpler as seedlings mature. It’s important to use pro trays if you want to increase your chance of growing healthy plants and make sure that they have adequate space to grow and thrive as they should be expected to do when they become fully grown plants in just a few months or years from now. The best part of using a pro tray nursery is that seeds can be sown indoors, under the safety & watchful eye of a grower. Let’s have a look at some of its further benefits below:


Benefits Of Using Pro Tray Nursery For Home Gardening

Grow a variety of plants

Pro trays nursery allow you to plant more varieties of plants, giving you plenty of room to experiment with various colors and textures throughout your garden design. Seedlings grown in trays are healthy and the tray facilitates easy handling during the transplantation of delicate seedlings. It will also make it easier to take care of your seedlings until they’re strong enough to be planted outdoors, which means less hassle and more time spent enjoying the fruits of your labor!


Improve Germination success rate

Pro tray nursery from Small Box Garden allows you to keep your seeds moist and warm, which is crucial in jumpstarting your plants. By maintaining a moist, warm environment for your seeds, you’ll increase germination rates as opposed to sowing them directly into a bigger container. With fewer plants per square inch,  the tray allows seedlings to grow without roots becoming tangled together, due to this no damage is caused and you’re able to easily get seedlings started in healthy soil with ideal drainage. The tray also keeps water and fertilizer off of developing roots which can cause rot and stunted growth. Additionally, once seeds have sprouted, it’s easy to move them– saving both time and money for growers!

Fertilize easily

You can fertilize seedlings with less worry about damaging them with a pro tray nursery. You simply fill your tray with potting soil and sprinkle fertilizer over it, then place your seedlings on top of that. There is no need to dig in or mix nutrients into your soil, which can damage young seedlings. One thing to note is that you should use a fertilizer that’s specifically designed for seedlings. Most fertilizers will burn and kill young plants. Pro trays offer holes in which you can place your fertilized water directly, allowing it to seep into every inch of soil and delicate roots of seedlings where it’s needed. This lets your plants get all they need without exposing them to dangerous chemicals that could potentially hurt them.

Improve water drainage

Water is essential for plant growth, but excess water causes root rot and disease. With a traditional flat, many people end up overwatering their plants because they can’t see where the water is draining out to. Pro tray nursery keeps excess water from building up around seedlings’ delicate roots. No leaks, no moldy messes. Small Box Garden’s Pro tray nursery has sturdy construction and well-designed ventilation holes that promote proper airflow without allowing water or soil to leak out. The water drains down through multiple levels in the pro tray, reducing the time your plants spend sitting in stagnant water. This way, you reduce your chance of root rot and increase your overall success rate.

Control temperature better

The key to growing robust plants indoors is to keep their temperature steady. Using a pro tray nursery aids in better controlling over temperature, compared to some other methods that are used by beginners. That’s why one big benefit of using a pro tray nursery is that it gives you more control over what your seeds and seedlings are exposed to. This tray will be much more thermally insulated than an open container, which means you can better control how much heat and light your seedlings get. This increased level of control helps ensure that you’re creating an ideal environment for growing healthy seedlings.

Easily transplant into larger pots

The pro tray is designed for easily transplanting your plants after successful germination into larger pots when they get their first set of true leaves. Rather than trying to fit a large seedling or young plant into a too-small pot, with a pro tray, you can simply transplant multiple times until your plants are ready for their permanent homes. The numerous small spaces on the standard pro tray make it easy to just grab and move sections.

Increases productivity

Since seedlings require ample moisture, nutrients, and heat to survive in their first few weeks, starting off with a reliable pro tray is crucial. The High-quality pro tray from Small Box Garden will increase productivity while saving time, money, water, fertilizers, and land space. It provides an ideal habitat for your plants to develop into sturdy seedlings and reach maturity quickly, ensuring success in your garden!

Cost Savings

Using pro trays saves you money because, as the name implies, they allow you to grow your plants from seed form which is much less costly than buying a grown plant. Additionally, the trays themselves are often durable enough to be maintained through multiple uses. Simply clean your tray with water between uses and save even more. Pro tray nursery also helps to ensure your plants thrive rather than succumb to stress, insect infestation, or disease. As a consequence, you won’t need to spend on chemical pretreatments to keep insects away from your plants.



To buy Pro tray nursery online, Small Box Garden is one trustable seller & supplier. Their seedling starter tray keeps seedlings wet and reduces water evaporation, keeps track of germination, turns seeds into healthy seedlings, Simple to use, and is extensively used in flower, vegetable, fruit, tree, and other agricultural cultivation.


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